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Our coverage starts with the Mazzella 3-Phase Compliance Program, a survey and inspection program that gives you all the options on standard and special fabricated lifting device compliance. We offer the latest in inspection data gathering technology and web-based reporting for your immediate availability. We also have programs designed specifically for crane and hoist inspections.

Engineered Lifting Devices
Our offerings include lifting device evaluations starting with visual inspections up to and including magnetic particle and load test. We can offer these in your plant, our in ours. We inspect each device in accordance with ASME B30.20 standards.

Our on staff engineering and in house manufacturing can provide reverse engineering of your existing device to designing and manufacturing a new device. Mazzella Lifting Technologies is a member of ASME B30.20 and BTH-1 committee with over 100 years employed experience in Engineered lifting devices

Sling Inspections
Mazzella offers on site sling inspections. Our highly trained and qualified personnel will help insure that your rigging and personnel are safe.

Wire Rope Inspections
Any wire rope: crane, sling or bridle will be inspected to the highest industry standards. Making sure the product being used is as safe as possible.

OSHA Inspections
Mazzella also offers periodic and frequent overhead crane inspections to inform and keep you safe and OSHA compliant.

Rigging Inspections
Mazzella can offer visual, application and mag particle testing of all rigging hardware.

Proof Test
A proof test is applied to a product solely to determine non conforming material or manufacturing defects. We provide proof testing, with certificates for the customers to keep in there records.

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